Public Relations used to be called “free media,” but there is nothing free about it.  You have to “earn” media attention, which why PR is referred to as gaining “earned media” now.

“Public” refers to many different stakeholders, such as the media, employees, customers, vendors, and your community large.

Randi Thompson Consulting specializes in media and public relations. If you want the media to hear your side of the story, if you want the public to know about a new business, or if you need to win approval from a home owners’ board, Thompson Consulting can help.

Randi has extensive contacts with media in northern and southern Nevada, as well as across the country to political reporters in Washington DC. While her expertise is with the Nevada media, she has a network of people in all 50 states who have ties to media and political leaders that she can tap.

Her clients vary from small businesses to national organizations that want to increase their sales, increase their profile, improve their reputation, advocate for an issue, or sway public opinion.