Thompson Consulting specializes in creating, planning, and implementing events and projects that have a public relations component. This is how we are different from other event managers. Many folks can plan an event, but they don’t know how to promote it to the media and the general public. This is a critical element when you are trying to attract customers, like a grand opening, or get participants, like a fundraiser.

Event and project management is all about managing details. You’ve probably experienced the outdoor event that didn’t have Sani-Huts, the dinner buffet where the line wrapped around the room, the concert where you couldn’t hear the music because the sound system was too weak. The challenge is to anticipate everything that could go wrong and prepare for it.

Randi Thompson Consulting will help you plan and implement an event or project as you want it done. We work with you to develop a budget and timeline, determine staffing needs, what permits you’ll need, and manage all the details. We have years of experience in creating new events, increasing existing events, and selling sponsorships. We’re here to help make your event the best, reducing your stress.

We can help create and produce any kind of event you need – be it social, promotional, or fundraising. We will find the ideal location, develop the theme, layout the invitations, arrange the decorations, plan the menu, and book the entertainment – be it background music, specialty acts, or your own unique production. We can even write jingles or a song just for the occasion. We also manage registration and can do follow up surveys.

We have experience in planning conferences, media events, seminars, annual parties, office retreats, and concerts, but we don’t do weddings!